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Sorta Like Renting Sloop. Or something.


It’s possible that you can retain Sloop for your own business or personal motives! He specializes in: Humor and Poetry writing; Performing (Stand-Up Comedy & Poetry); Journalism (esp. arts & features); Artists’ Statements, Artists’ PR, etc.; Speechwriting; and Porn Scripts. But he’s open to most anything. Maybe.

We were originally planning to offer samples of various writing types in this section--and we may still do just that, at some point. But, honestly, depending on Sloop's current life circumstances, there's no telling whether he necessarily needs, is taking or is willing to do extra gigs. (Your best chances, of course, come from work that's close to Sloop's personal loves, like humor, poetry, etc.) For examples of humorous poetry or “Stand-Up Routine” fare, see DAILY LIMERICK, but also THE STAND-UP POEM OF THE MONTH section of SLOOP CENTRAL (where you’ll also find his resume, publications list and other materials on Sloop’s background).

E-MAIL ME, with specifics, for further details.


Send your own Letter to the Idiot and/or e-mail Sloop! (And attach sexy pics, if you insist. Sigh.)


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