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CHICAGO - Daily Limerick (DL), www.DailyLimerick.net, celebrates six years of bringing one "News Limerick" and anti-partisan "Slappin' and Yappin'" commentary every day! That's 2,192 limericks (and still counting) since July 12, 1999--by The Stand-Up Poet, syndicated "News Poet" (Continental Features), Mad Magazine writer and former Chicago Tribune (RedEye) "News Limericist" John "Sloop" Biederman! (NOTE: The site is for mature readers only.)

It began when Sloop was named to host the "All Limerick Slam" for 1999's "10th Anniversary National Poetry Slam" festivities in Chicago. For publicity, Sloop built an e-mail list of national friends and cohorts, pledging to send a Daily Limerick until the Aug. 12 event.

At the event, fans talked Sloop into competing--and he crowned HIMSELF Limerick Champion! That, plus a growing subscriber base and, legend has it, a radioactive leprechaun bite, spurred him into continuing for a year and... Well, six years and no end in sight!

Daily Limerick has evolved over the years beyond a mere supplier of bawdy limericks. After one year Sloop, an award-winning humor writer/journalist since high school, decided that, since no mainstream pub had offered a "Page Three" column, he'd throw one in DL and "Slappin' and Yappin'" was born. Slappin' and Yappin' sports a delightfully offensive, limerick-y tone, bashing liberals and conservatives alike. It has become a draw in itself.

DL evolved further in Fall, 2002, after a "News Limericks" stint for the Chicago Tribune's RedEye. When the Trib cut Sloop's feature, DL became the new outlet (although non-news Limericks still appear occasionally). Next, Sloop called for outside contributors to fluff the Sunday edition like the Big Boys--and former LA Daily News coworker Mike Chmielecki pitched-in "Mike's Accursed Verse." "Sunday Story Time" followed, as did a Friday "Entertain Me" section, a Wednesday "Eat It!" (food) section and, in 2005, David Sher's "Haiku Health" on Mondays.

The new site also features archives of all five years, Sloop Central (for news on the Stand-Up Poet and "John" the Journalist, plus the "Stand-Up Poem of the Month") and more. Further Daily Limerick mutations are expected soon and CDs of Sloop's Stand-Up Poetry will soon be available on the site.

John "Sloop" Biederman is also known for activities beyond Daily Limerick. A graduate of Columbia College Chicago, where he served as columnist and then editor-in-chief of the school paper, his freelance and performing careers began in 1993. He has performed at venues from LA's Comedy Store to Chicago's Zanies and is currently writing a one-man show. He's a widely published, occasionally employed freelance writer/journalist who's credits include (in addition to the aforementioned) the San Francisco Chronicle, Artweek and former editor of Chicago Artists' News. He is currently also working on book proposals and performing widely.

One limerick a day for five years/ since my Daily Lim'rick appeared./ Though lim'ricks seem base/ at least on their face/ trust me, they're much worse from the rear!


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