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Michael Chmielecki is an occasionally published, 30 year old poet. His day job also involves writing, but in a different, more mundane way. A New Hampshire native, he spent most of his 20s in Los Angeles, where he could often be seen at the Encino Barnes & Noble reading his latest to a crowd of bookstore regulars. He also won second place (and 50 bucks) in a love poetry contest for a now defunct coffeehouse. Mr. Chmielecki met Sloop when they both worked at the Daily News of Los Angeles, a small town newspaper in the guise of a large metro daily. Since then he has moved back to New England, where he still writes a weekly poem for Sloop that appears Sundays as "Mike's Accursed Verse." For more information, e-mail
Mike. For less information, turn on
the television. -.m.


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