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If a Dipshit Chick with Credit Card Debt Can Pull it Off, What the Hell?


Okay, so we at Daily Limerick are not engaged in the rescue of HIV-positive, lesbian teens of color working in sweatshops. Full-time, anyway. But, hey, if some credit-card-addicted college babe can put up a Web site begging for money—and actually get results, not to mention a freakin’ book contract—why can’t we have a section of the site soliciting donations?

Believe it or not, the Chief Limericist here is not rich. (And any donations would pretty much go right to him.) Not starving or borderline homeless, either, I suppose, although another terrorist attack and its results on the economy could… Ahem.

Anyhow, I put a lot of work into this quality humor publication and don’t directly get much of anything in return. So perhaps I’m stretching the definition of “quality” with that statement, but comparatively… Well, go turn on a sitcom. Go on, go… See? Now…


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