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Other book projects in various stages of completion currently in Sloop’s Limerick Laboratory—with that last word pronounced ala Boris Karloff—include:

Autobiography of a Non-Celebrity—Just what it says—interspersed with humor writings by the Newspaper Columnist Without A (Legitimate) Home.

The Boogle Who Saved Christmas (by Zanzabar Twiddle)—A poetic Christmas tale set in the land of Beebletwee.

Pepper Hardbutt and the Waffles—A novel about a Nebraska lounge singer, his boyhood pal and reluctant Big Name “agent,” a band of miscellaneous sexual deviates and… Well, it’s weird, let’s put it that way. Thematically, it’s about the ever-changing definition of “normal."

Poems for Kids (and adults who have managed to stay cool)—Again, just like it sounds. And in need of a much-better title.

Stand-Up Poetry—If you have to ask what this is all about, you haven’t looked much as the site. Bastard.

The Theory of Creativity—Based on Sloop's titular columns for Chicago Artists' News (he he.."titular"), a non-fiction book about getting the most out of any creative career.


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