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Get that Daily Limerick customer base! (We're sure you, er, have your reasons.)


We’re Seeking More Advertisers—and we’ll most certainly take ads for tobacco products, porn or anything else (within legal bounds, of course). In fact, Daily Limerick is a big fan of both Tobacco and Porn!

You’ve probably noticed that this site now carries advertising. After about a year of service with the official domain (it's been six and half years since it's birth as an e-newsletter), it's averaging just under 200 hits per day. We are thus beginning the process of carrying advertising, but are still unsure as to how it will exactly integrate with Daily Limerick.

We are extra careful in taking ads and therefore must specify that we have our own form of journalistic integrity here at Daily Limerick. That is, purchasing ad space, even enough to bankroll us, isn’t gonna preclude our bashing your company, should we deem you “deserving” for any reason (although we imagine it unlkely). And, of course, that means we’re not interested in “product placement”-type campaigns; advertising needs to be obviously advertising.

However, we are open to creative ad campaigns. A limerick about the company (separate from the actual “Daily Limerick,” of course)? “Today’s Letters to the Idiot brought to you by…”? We've started with the main page, but the sprawling archives generate many hits themselves... We’re open to discussion and ponderings on the issue.

This is so new to us, so we don’t have set prices, ad specs—any of that. As you’re reading this, though, we're looking into such things. So make an offer or at least indicate interest. And if you just gotta see the specs and/or rates and/or whatever…

Check Back Often… and Nude!


Send your own Letter to the Idiot and/or e-mail Sloop! (And attach sexy pics, if you insist. Sigh.)


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