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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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John "Sloop" Biederman, Author
In trendy 'hood, haunted by foodies,
sole Cuban joint closed! With its boot sees…
more sushi? s'Already mess!
They pose advent'rousness--
foodies just play THEIR ruts snooty!


Daily Limerick has hit the milestone of TWENTY YEARS of...er, um Service--July 12!…

Grubhub has a feature where you pay the tip ahead of time, along with the other costs of your order.

Slapper Yapper Grasshoppers know I've aired multiple gripes about Grubhub here, so I'll also mention that I imagine the other newfangled app-based, freelance-ish food delivery services work much the same way.

And in Grubhub's semi-defense, I believe you can also opt to do the cash-on-delivery tip option--only been forced to order through 'em a couple times.

But you gotta figure that our measly attention spanned, app-happy society means this translates into the vast majority of Grubhub customers tipping before the fact.

Now, I'm a courteous tipper. Can in fact only think of one time where I didn't tip at all, and that was a instance of utter rudeness on the part of the restaurant server. But the point of the tip is also that you EARN it. Oh, I'll give at least a certain percent of the bill regardless, but if, say, the delivery dude's really late, he gets a lower tip. Really early and/or especially friend helpful, a higher tip.

So I think Grubhub's got a little method here to what might otherwise seem to be madness masquerading as convenience.

It's sure advantageous to them to be tipped ahead of time… when the food's inevitably gonna arrive lukewarm!...
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