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Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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John "Sloop" Biederman, Author
Shop on-cheap, buy bulk bags of apples!
Means problem, with, constantly grapple--
check for mealy, bruised!
But found problem new!
Not bruised, mealy, just kinda…crapples?


Countdown!… In 16 days, Daily Limerick marks TWENTY YEARS of...er, um Service! (We started this thing July 12, 1999!)…

Recently had some time to kill between gigs and needed to sneak in a meal.

So I considered the nearby ol' faves…and a new entry. Wahlburgers.

Now, I can't guarantee I won't ever try the place but, in the end, didn't… Two reasons.

Wherever possible I prefer to avoid lending even the appearance of support toward any and all "reality" TV endeavors.

But the main reason… A gourmet burger joint? Really? ANOTHER gourmet burger joint?

Call me a spoiled American to complain about such a things, especially as a burger lover… Can't anybody think of ANY other type of restaurant that the world could use?...
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