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Sunday, October 4, 2015
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Caught the new "Muppets" TV show and… Okay.

We remember it as kids and therefore admit that, no matter what they do with it, it'll never live up, in our minds, to anything close to the original's delightfulness. And, sure, we guess they almost have to parody current trends in television but… Why?

Why, that is, must they do those monologue-type, one person confiding in the camera shots, ala "reality" TV? ("The Office" did this, humorously, but that's perhaps the exception to the rule…or it was like a one-joke premise or something.)

Again, folks, "reality" TV breaks new ground in that it's too bad to even parody. It does sorta parody itself, but that's also new ground in that it makes for parody that's not even funny.

Admitted entertainment dinosaurs, we do make efforts to see new shows, and while we've found "Modern Family" to be hilarious…they do it, too.

In fact, it's such a good show, that now and then some life occurrence will spur a memory of a show snippet and bring a chuckle.

But, and we've actually thought on this, those monologue-type asides are never the cuts we laugh at--remembering or watching.

Seriously, folks, why, why WHY?...
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