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Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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Sloop and the Magnificent Musical Nut Wagon
Long past days of recklessly speeding;
no urge for 'hind wheel cell/text bleating...
My human distraction?
Ain't legal infraction--
but I'll cop to Driving While...Eating!


I'm a big fan of those macaroni and cheeze boxes. The cheapo, easy-to-make deals.

Of course, I also love the baked mac and cheeze, but that's a whole different animal. Or at least a whole different subspecies.

The boxed variety is a delight as-is, but I'm also big on souping it up. Add a can of chili and, voila! Chili mac. Can add bacon, salsa, extra cheeze... It's like a quick meal canvas!

It's a kitchen staple for me, so I'm always on the brainstorm for new soup-up ideas. So recently bought... Spam.

Not just Spam, but this, I believe newer variety... Spam with bacon.

Slapper Yapper Grasshoppers will be seated on the edge of their kitchen seats until next Wednesday's "Food" content!... Unless it takes me until the Wednesday after that...
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