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Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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Eat healthy… Well, 'least balance-geared!
More so, as forced, with passing years…
Yet rest'raunts, health-nut, here
in 'hood, when seen shuttered…
Can't help it--brings me urge to cheer!


We need to come up with a better term for "diet" sodas.

We've mused here before about how, rather than "diet," the drinks should be called, say, "Chick Coke," because it used to seem that every woman, no matter how physically fit, seemed to be watching her weight perpetually and, thus, drank such sodas.

Well, that's still true. And, these days, many men are doing the same, we living in a fat society and all but… Well, some of us end up forced into drinking the damned stuff out of, well, getting older.

Stuff like this new-ish "pre-diabetes" and having a genetic disposition to types of diabetes.

As one almost never having to worry about weight issues, and proud of it, but also one who had his problems with booze in the past, I feel an urge to explain myself whenever I belly up to a bar and order a "diet" Coke.

I don't have an appropriate term myself. I'd ask Slapper Yapper Grasshoppers to help out but… Just who do you useless bastards think you are? Facebook "friends"?...
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